Lateral radar device IMPACTOR: discreet measuring for precise data

  • Impactor Seitenradargerät

The lateral radar device IMPACTOR is very small and unobtrusive. As a result, the driver does not recognize the radar and his driving behavior is not influenced by the device. Therefore, the collected data are unadulterated and realistic. In addition, a classification of the recorded vehicles into three categories (small truck, car or HGV) is possible. It is also possible to use the radar when it is raining or snowing.

The alignment of the measuring beam – which is very similar to a light barrier – ensures that each vehicle can only be measured once. Because of this fact the counting accuracy is a good 98%. The IMPACTOR can be mounted to almost any pole – without using special tools – in a quick and safe way. With this device it is possible to detect vehicles on two lanes (one per direction) with just one measurement. It is possible to assemble the IMPACTOR up to two meters and therefore no cars can obstruct the device.

Every passing vehicle is saved with date, time, speed, length and direction on a SD card. The results of those measurements can be read on the display inside the device – therefore you have full control!
Via length measurement it is possible to distinguish between cars, small trucks and HGV.The storage format of the measured data, which is compatible with EXCEL, enables the user to classify the vehicles.

Camera DeltaC: hidden traffic monitoring using video recordings

  • Kamera DeltaC

The camera can also be used as replacement for manual counting.

Advantages of camera Delta C:

  • manual counting by hands not necessary anymore
  • manual counting by hands reproducible
  • measuring by lateral radar device IMPACTOR reproducible
  • measuring by radar display gamma analyzable

As required we can send you a demo video !

Our newest product in our traffic monitoring devices family is our camera DeltaC. Because of the inconspiuous design it is possible to film traffic discreetly because the camera is not indentifiable as a camera – of course you can also use the camera for other monitoring purposes.

In one week the camera records all vehicles. The camera is suitable for filming traffic sideways. Because of the small opening angle number plates and faces are not recognizable.
The setup is easy – just fix the camera on a pole parallel to the traffic lane and put in the battery. To start or to end a recording push the ON/OFF button – that’s mere child’s play.

Afterwards you can watch or copy the recorded video on your computer using for example Windows Media Player. A recording is divided in single sequences which are each 20 minutes long and have a timestamp exact to the split second.

UniGraph II: read, analyse and present data

  • UniGraph II Screenshot

UniGraph II is also compatible with all of our radar devices (IMPACTOR, OCAP and gamma)

For the analysis of your collected data our analysis program UniGraph II is available for you. This software is very easy and fast to handle and it provides convincing results . You can use this software in combination with all Windows systems and you do not need to install the software.
Because of it  there is no long learning time but a full overview and a attractive presentation of your data. The program reads the data from your SD card. UniGraph II edits data of single vehicles and intervals, carries out the distinction of  the driving directions and  calculates fixed periodes as well as free periodes.

To provide a good overview for your data from the IMPACTOR, UniGraph II visualises the three different categories of vehicle with different colours and presents them as one result or as single categories. With only one click it is possible to compile a daily time curve and to read the data and the most frequented times of the day. Also the speed functions assist you to evaluate the behavior of the drivers at the measuring point. Clear analysis of your data with calculation of important code numbers as v85 and vmax, a separation of day and nighttime, times of average stress and highest stress, number of motor vehicles which exceeded the speed limit.

You can adapt the charts and the UniGraph contents can be saved as text or image file and so you can use them in combination with other programs e.g. Excel or Word.
Working with UniGraph II is an easy and reliable way to analyse data – without any previous experience.

Manual Counters

  • Handzählgeräte

Additional Applications:

  • to count persons – at a street party, on a ship or in the outdoor swimming pool
  • entry and exit inspection with our differential counter
  • lap counter for sports and games
  • for storekeeping – to count goods and single items

Manual and electronic counters are ideal for spontaneous measurements or for intersection counts. But there are more interesting points e.g. how to count cars with only one person inside or how many small lorries drive on this street?

These vehicles are often involved into accidents but can only be measured with common measuring instruments with difficulty and so a distinction as a separate group of cars and lorries is not easy.

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