Radar displays – help to reduce speed!

As long ago as 1979 the first warning system for exceeding the speed limit was developed. Today, this reasonable method for road safety education is used by a lot of local authorities.
The mobile signs can quickly be fixed on any pole and provide a good service, especially in front of schools. You have the choice between two display modes; either the speed of the vehicle can be displayed or a safety limit, e.g. 30 km/h. The latter helps to prevent misuse by young people who want to use the display to test the speed of their motorcycles.
Our radar display gamma does not only help to prevent speeding, it also collects traffic data: not only the amount of vehicles, but also the time and speed will be collected and are available for analysising traffic behavior. The display also records the uninfluenced oncoming traffic and thus enables an evaluation of the effect trough the display.

Radar display gamma: road safety education and traffic census – all in one device

  • Radar-Display gamma  mit Datenerfassung

With our radar display gamma no wishes remain unfulfilled. The three-digit LED display measures 30cm and is able to display the speed in two different colours e.g. yellow for speeds within the limit, red for exceeding of speeds. The measured speeds (in both driving directions) including the exact times are recorded on a SD-card.

Additionally, two symbols which can also be alternated with the numeric display are available. A tick as a sign for observing the speed limit – as a visual reward- three bright exclamation marks are visualizing an exceeding of the speed limit.

A sturdy metal housing and a red-white alu-text panel protected sensor and the data capture unit, which stores the data of the two driving directions on a SD card.
Furthermore, the display is equipped with a battery discharge indication and a low discharge protection.

Radar display alpha: if you want a little more comfort

  • Radar-Display alpha "Achtung Schule!"

The three-digit radar display alpha is very easy to use, because it is operated via two buttons. Various types of displaying make the unit a real “eye-catcher“.

For example, alpha can show the driver´s speed in yellow or – when speeding –  in red. In combination with the warning function, there are two extra symbols available: a positive sign as a visual reward for those who don´t exceed the speed limit and a negative one to emphasize the warning.

All these features are housed in a sturdy metal cabinet with a reflective red and white aluminium panel.

Radar display nano: the simplest way of displaying

  • Radar-Display nano

This is the youngest member of our display family: nano! Nano is a basic model as well as a complement to our models alpha and gamma – just install, turn on and the display is ready to go!

With its super bright LEDs and the 24cm high and clear digits, nano can be seen from a great distance and warns drivers who are driving too fast. Optionally, this display is also available with a red flashing frame, which provides another warning to the traffic participant exceeding the maximum speed limit.

The technology is housed in a very sturdy aluminium housing, which can withstand one or two hard knocks. The delivery includes two battery packs, a battery recharger and brackets. Thus, everything needed for an instant installation and usage is included. At your request, nano can be delivered with a freely inscribable front plate.


  • Solarpanel
  • connection for 230V mode
  • solar panel for power supply
  • freely inscribable front plate (also in combination with signs)
  • different battery sizes for longer lifetime
  • adjustable relay outputs to control ancillary equipment
  • carrying case
  • sturdy tripod, made of steel, for a free choice of location
  • “one man mounting bracket” for an easy installation by one person
  • ground anchorage for construction on uneven or overgrown terrain
  • and many more …

As all our products are self-produced, it is possible to fulfil special customer wishes for extension and equipment.

Please contact us and we will pleased to advise you!

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