Dialogue displays: that’s communication!

Communication with the road user and the connected psychological effect is the goal of our dialogue displays. We differentiate between dialogue displays diaGB and diaLS. The dialogue displays diaGB have a flashing frame which enlightens the writing or the graphics. The graphics of the dialogue displays diaLS on the other hand are made of extremely bright LEDs.
Due to the slim and light case of all the dialogue displays, they are set up easily – they can even be installed by one person. Also the handling of the displays is very simple. Just put in the battery and it works ifself.

Dialogue display diaGB: the right product for every situation

  • Dialog-Display diaGB "Achtung Kinder!"

The dialogue displays diaGB can be customized with texts and graphics of your own choice. In addition all the displays have a flashing frame, which blinks at a suitable speed. You can choose whether the frame blinks with every car (often chosen for deer crossing) or if it should blink when the car passes at a specific speed. Every display has a rerto reflective surface so that the text/the graphics are also recognizable easily at night.


Dialogue-Display diaLS: can’t be ignored!

  • Dialog-Display diaLS "Smiley"

The dialogue display diaLS convince due to their luminance. A graphic or a text you choose is made of extremely bright LEDs which blink at a customized speed. Although the LEDs are very bright the driver is not blinded.

Our model “Smiley” welcomes drivers with a smile when they follow the speed rules. If they don’t, the smiley flashes with a sad face.
Our model “Slowly/Thank you” also compliments or censures the driver depending on his speed. You can even choose two colours of LEDs.

The models “Radar”, “Slowly” and “Attention children” are designed as cautionary signs. You can choose the speed the display blinks at to warn the road users. It is also possible that the display blinks at every car. These kinds of displays are often set up at nursery schools, schools and city entrances.

As well as the dialogue display diaGB you can also choose the colour of the LEDs and the design of the frame. Because we produce all our products ourselves, it is possible to customize them as you like (e.g. battery, power supply, thievery security). Don’t hesitate to ask, you will be well advised!

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